Stepmom Daughter Offer Disobedient Holes for first Time BDSM Training

sorry, Mommy,is all disobedient step daughter and famous dancer Alexa Grace can manage to stammer to her big titted step mother and manager, Olivia Austin, before their bodyguard Derrick Pierce pushes the two of them into a kiss. The two have always been bickering since Olivia married dad, but Pierce has had enough, and teaches these sluts how to share the love through intense spanking and face slapping, orgasm tease and denial, blindfold sensory deprivation, clothespinned nipples, rough bondage, and enough flogging to whip the family into shape. Both Olivia and Alexa are untamed and untested by BDSM. Neither has ever experienced the tools and lessons of a dominant before, so the reactions Mr. Pierce tears from each of their eager, trembling cunts is truly real, raw, and beautiful.

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