SUMMER VENGEANCE CONTINUES! This is the second elimination match of the first round.

SUMMER VENGEANCE MATCH SAMANTHA SINSinHT record Ranked SABRINA FOXThe PhoenixHT record 0 Ranked Welcome to the second annual Summer Vengeance elimination tournament. The top sixteen Season Five wrestlers battle it out to see who will be the overall Ultimate Surrender champion for 2008. We have two girls that met each other for the first time, and instantly hated each other. This match up will bring out the serious competition in each of them. Samantha Sin Sexy, hot, porn star. She is feisty and has a mouth on her. Sin is ranked with wins and never gives up, or in. Sabrina Fox Tall, strong, and a bondage model, one of the toughest. The Phoenix is one of the newest rookies in the tournament, and feels her size and strength will count for much. Join today and get in on the ground floor of the 2008 Championship Tournament that will end with one overall Champion!

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